Jan 24, 2011

Sad Expression :-(

I sad and there is no reason for being sad.I don't know why I am sad.Might be consequence of many sequential mistakes/decisions/delay.But when you are sad the environment around also become sad.If you are driving a vehicle , it also start sounding sad.Adding his acceptance into sadness.Everybody else you look at also appear sad to you.
Expression of sadness in real life is not easy.In online world we express this by :-( symbol.However some people start righting diary which turn into novel.A unique creation of sadness.Sadness make you creative.But still sadness is bad.
There is no exact remedy of sadness.Chemist says its a chemical problem in your body, it is a reaction causes by your action added by a psychologist. Doctors say its a miner illness happen to everybody take this blah blah pill and remove it.

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