Jan 20, 2011

Aim of your life

What is aim of my life ? . As you grow big the question strikes everyday in your mind.Like Shakespeare's classical thoughts aim changes with your age. Really , I think aim of my life is to earn money.

Time : 4:30 pm
Date : 24 oct 2010
Place : my college
Occasion : HR interview (campus placement)

Interviewer : So what is your ultimate aim ?
Me :(thoughts: I need that post I can't say money ..... no no its against the ethics.. )

Interviewer: (staring at me with his big glasses !!)
Me :Sir ... Sir ... Its I want......(humming... )

Interviewer: You want to do something meaningful so that it change others life
Me : Yes sir(wow!!!!)

Unfortunately I got rejected in that interview but now I know the aim of my life.

Is it the humbug created by management gurus or really it is the real thing?
Because success people often justify this argument.From the interview point of view this answer is perfect.Because it is part of damm... bookish knowledge of MBA people.

From the philosophical point of view answer is To attain ultimate satisfaction(what is satisfaction is now your issue not mine).

About me : I really don't know what is my aim?
But this I know that my short term aim is money.

What is your aim??

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