Dec 11, 2012

opencv tutorial 2.4.3 install guide (windows 7 and visual studio 2010)


  1. Windows 7
  2. Visual Basic 2010 (i got full version from dreamspark) else you can obtain express version VS2010
  3. opencv 2.4.3
Follow this video to install

Some copy and pastables:

Additional Include Directories: $(OPENCV_BUILD)\include
Additional Library Directories: $(OPENCV_BUILD)\x86\vc10\lib
Additional Dependencies:

Mar 9, 2012

windows 8 first experience

“The key to change... is to let go of fear.”

but usually we don't like changes windows 8 got this nice new appearance but its irritating when you want to know where is DEVICE Manager????

there is no "run" thing in new windows and
window button gives you new image and from there i actually cannot run a program(THE GREAT INTERNET EXPLORER !!!!!) because it says screen resolution not supported .

i somehow managed to start after a small struggle (there is always another way)

ahaa i find my computers

Windows 8 is Windows 7 with a irritating screen at start (similar to media center screen)

anyways i updated my display driver and now windows 8 is working perfectly fine on my laptop

lets hope it will work fine on my bigger samsung dlp screen .

old laptop and window 8 try 3 (finally done)

So i am in the university and then connect my laptop with new display , and ahhhha the booting screen came
after minor adjustment i managed to see it properly

and then

1)i downloaded window 8 iso image
2)make pen drive bootable (there is nice software by microsoft which take all trouble from you) i discovered it by little google:)
3) boot from pen drive

tannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna i am done with windows 8 its on my laptop now

old laptop and window 8 try 2

something went wrong and window no work only blank screen . for trouble shoot i used ubantu cd

try 2
i tried installing virtual box and then win 8
but some trouble with botting up and screen issue

again ubantu cd and again window 7

after several struggles i realized that
1. Mode not supported err is err caused by monitor when hardware unable to understand the signal send by the motherboard and has got nothing to do with the "default monitor/display setting at boot time".

2 the point i realize that it is a hardware problem and not a software problem i decided to give windows 8 another try

old laptop and window 8 try 1

everything saved now i want to install window 8 on my broken screen laptop . i tried several methods . my huge lcd screen doesn't support the initial screen of booting.
Technically it is impossible to install any operating system on that .
But ubuntu proved me wrong . Its live cd worked however the boot screen is still not visible.

so here is first try
i tried to upgrade win7 to become win8 but after reboot no work

laptop without lcd

after trying years and years and struggling with my old laptop I finally declared it died.

My old laptop's video cable (aka which connect lcd and mother board) is faulty. thus i removed it from the laptop.
Finally i ended up with a laptop without lcd. Then an idea struck what about the vga port.
I got an lcd tv with me i connected it with my laptop and now usng it sucessfully