Dec 11, 2012

opencv tutorial 2.4.3 install guide (windows 7 and visual studio 2010)


  1. Windows 7
  2. Visual Basic 2010 (i got full version from dreamspark) else you can obtain express version VS2010
  3. opencv 2.4.3
Follow this video to install

Some copy and pastables:

Additional Include Directories: $(OPENCV_BUILD)\include
Additional Library Directories: $(OPENCV_BUILD)\x86\vc10\lib
Additional Dependencies:

Mar 9, 2012

windows 8 first experience

“The key to change... is to let go of fear.”

but usually we don't like changes windows 8 got this nice new appearance but its irritating when you want to know where is DEVICE Manager????

there is no "run" thing in new windows and
window button gives you new image and from there i actually cannot run a program(THE GREAT INTERNET EXPLORER !!!!!) because it says screen resolution not supported .

i somehow managed to start after a small struggle (there is always another way)

ahaa i find my computers

Windows 8 is Windows 7 with a irritating screen at start (similar to media center screen)

anyways i updated my display driver and now windows 8 is working perfectly fine on my laptop

lets hope it will work fine on my bigger samsung dlp screen .

old laptop and window 8 try 3 (finally done)

So i am in the university and then connect my laptop with new display , and ahhhha the booting screen came
after minor adjustment i managed to see it properly

and then

1)i downloaded window 8 iso image
2)make pen drive bootable (there is nice software by microsoft which take all trouble from you) i discovered it by little google:)
3) boot from pen drive

tannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna i am done with windows 8 its on my laptop now

old laptop and window 8 try 2

something went wrong and window no work only blank screen . for trouble shoot i used ubantu cd

try 2
i tried installing virtual box and then win 8
but some trouble with botting up and screen issue

again ubantu cd and again window 7

after several struggles i realized that
1. Mode not supported err is err caused by monitor when hardware unable to understand the signal send by the motherboard and has got nothing to do with the "default monitor/display setting at boot time".

2 the point i realize that it is a hardware problem and not a software problem i decided to give windows 8 another try

old laptop and window 8 try 1

everything saved now i want to install window 8 on my broken screen laptop . i tried several methods . my huge lcd screen doesn't support the initial screen of booting.
Technically it is impossible to install any operating system on that .
But ubuntu proved me wrong . Its live cd worked however the boot screen is still not visible.

so here is first try
i tried to upgrade win7 to become win8 but after reboot no work

laptop without lcd

after trying years and years and struggling with my old laptop I finally declared it died.

My old laptop's video cable (aka which connect lcd and mother board) is faulty. thus i removed it from the laptop.
Finally i ended up with a laptop without lcd. Then an idea struck what about the vga port.
I got an lcd tv with me i connected it with my laptop and now usng it sucessfully

Feb 23, 2011

Know your time of death

Just discovered cool tool online .
It shows the time remaining before you are going to die.

there are many other clocks
if you k term death now are not satisfied with this clock!!
just google the term death clock

Jan 26, 2011

Bad Strangers

hi there

Dude!! listen I am going to there in few days.Now because its foreign you need to stay united , no matter how difficult it is from you. Don't show your ego to me, show somewhere where it is necessary.

What Crap ??
Why am I reading this ......
(some of you must be thinking...)
well i don't know , so click the cross button over in the corner and behave like a bad stranger :)

Jan 25, 2011

Mood Disaster

Dude if you are mad at something does't mean go and kill him . Thats insane and wired.

Jan 24, 2011

Sad Expression :-(

I sad and there is no reason for being sad.I don't know why I am sad.Might be consequence of many sequential mistakes/decisions/delay.But when you are sad the environment around also become sad.If you are driving a vehicle , it also start sounding sad.Adding his acceptance into sadness.Everybody else you look at also appear sad to you.
Expression of sadness in real life is not easy.In online world we express this by :-( symbol.However some people start righting diary which turn into novel.A unique creation of sadness.Sadness make you creative.But still sadness is bad.
There is no exact remedy of sadness.Chemist says its a chemical problem in your body, it is a reaction causes by your action added by a psychologist. Doctors say its a miner illness happen to everybody take this blah blah pill and remove it.

Jan 21, 2011

Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple and Sophisticated :KISS
A hardcore rule to do/implement things or process.Developers often ignore this rule while developing.We have many example of simple and popular things around , like google or wikipedia.Simple interference and that it.No trouble in designing complex template which end up in very complex website.Simplicity is still key to many answers and that is why it is appealing to the customer especially in web markets.

Jan 20, 2011

Aim of your life

What is aim of my life ? . As you grow big the question strikes everyday in your mind.Like Shakespeare's classical thoughts aim changes with your age. Really , I think aim of my life is to earn money.

Time : 4:30 pm
Date : 24 oct 2010
Place : my college
Occasion : HR interview (campus placement)

Interviewer : So what is your ultimate aim ?
Me :(thoughts: I need that post I can't say money ..... no no its against the ethics.. )

Interviewer: (staring at me with his big glasses !!)
Me :Sir ... Sir ... Its I want......(humming... )

Interviewer: You want to do something meaningful so that it change others life
Me : Yes sir(wow!!!!)

Unfortunately I got rejected in that interview but now I know the aim of my life.

Is it the humbug created by management gurus or really it is the real thing?
Because success people often justify this argument.From the interview point of view this answer is perfect.Because it is part of damm... bookish knowledge of MBA people.

From the philosophical point of view answer is To attain ultimate satisfaction(what is satisfaction is now your issue not mine).

About me : I really don't know what is my aim?
But this I know that my short term aim is money.

What is your aim??

Jan 18, 2011

Web Marketing via Facebook

I am a website owner and I want more traffic on my website.What should I do??

Yes , Facebook is the solution of your problem.

Now I am presenting a series of methods which will help you to attract more traffic to your website.
Make your own account
First of all if you don't have a facebook account then make one.In order to attract more traffic it is essential that you are part of facebook community.

Make a facebook page for your website
Make a page of your website on facebook.The procedures and all details are given on facebook "log in" just click on 'create page'.Through this your webpage become part of facebook.There are many success stories of this method.Blogging sites like lifehacker ,boing boing attract new readers from this even big companies like google,amazon have their facebook pages.The best use of this page is that you are directly connected to the customer and get a immidiate feedback.

Enable user to log in to your website using facebook id
This really good idea to enable user to use facebook identity to get acess to your site.This is very good from visitor's point of view because he don't need to fill annoying forms to get a user id.It is useful for website user because through this you can access to his facebook friend list.
Website like Slideshare is providing this facility to its user and that might the reason for growing popularity of this website.

Create list of popular post on your blog
This thing particularly very helpful for bloggers.A very popular blog Digital Inspiration and Technology claims that by adding facebook widgets visitors tend to stay longer on website or blog. You can read that complete post here.

Add I LIKE button to your webpage
You can simultaneously add "I Like" button or "share this on facebook" button to your page.

Facebook for developers
Facebook provides documentation for developers.You can visit facebook for developers for more information.This page is very helpful as it provides documentation,forums and blogs.This page help you to develop applications or widgets according to your need.

Facebook application
Most of the facebook applications are dumb intellectually , but this provide a key method to advertise and promote your product.

Facebook Ad
Lastly you can always use facebook's advertisement service.

Facebook can be proven a handy tool to attract more traffic if used properly and can divert large traffic to your website.

Dec 28, 2010

What if they start charging money for Twitter

I was watching the to the video of Mr Guy Kawasaki on internet.He is a venture capitalist and ex-employee of apple computers.

==>>You can see that video here<<==

In the last part of his talk he answered a question about twitter.And he projected a idea for making payment for tweets.

Do you agree:
My straight answer would be NO!!. I think charging for tweets is very bad idea.Its a great idea to make quick money.But somewhat similar to kill your hen who is giving you one golden egg every day.

Lets say :
Lets say we implemented his idea of charging for tweets.Say $1 per 1000,000.Practically its nothing if you are making 1 tweet hour then you can approximately tweet for almost 114 years.Truly WORTHLESS!!

The golden egg:
According to the statistics there are more then 75 million users of twitter .$75 M straight in your hand if you apply this.Whooa or Eureka thing!!!

Side effects:
Now lets examine the negative points of this decision.

  • Dislike Idea
  • First of all there are people who don't like the idea and left you so twitter started loosing its base.
  • Competition
  • Now there are many websites who are still offering this service for free and suddenly one become popular because it has a advantage of cost.Now there are many companies who are attracting crowd your monopoly is over.
  • Free Thing
  • There is a physiological thing is attached with the term "FREE".I don't know what it is but every one like free stuff and most of us don't want to pay for anything.So this physiology drive me away from twitter.
Whats next:
The power of twitter is 75M users.And in this new scenario there are much less users so people who are existing user may start switching(because $1 is worthless anyway)

New generation:
Most important thing the new generation never going to pay for this.They don't know how important it is.And this is sure that twitter is no more attracting new people.

At first sight it may generate a lot of capital but on in whole charging for tweets is really bad idea.No matter how small amount is but free stuff is free stuff!!.

Dec 27, 2010

i don't know why you are here

I am free these days really don't know what to do.Just playing Gualm Ali "hungama hai kyo barpa".After been to some blog post of our great IIMA-ian ,being the part of such a wonderful institute they have really good ability to write.Some blog post are really interesting

Sep 19, 2009

समीर जी की उड़न तश्तरी से...(साभार )

इसे "उड़न तश्तरी" से लिया गया है :View POST

बदला बहुत जमाना बेटा
घर की लाज बचाना बेटा.

नर नारी सब एक बराबर
बीबी लड़की लाना बेटा.

होटल मंहगे बहुत हुए हैं
खाना घर पर खाना बेटा.

देर लगे गर घर आने में,
मिस्ड कॉल भिजवाना बेटा.

मिलता कर्जा, लेना उतना
जितना तुम भर पाना बेटा.

क्या पाओगे पढ़ लिख कर तुम
नेता तुम बन जाना बेटा.

खेल कूद में नाम कमा कर
फिल्में भी अजमाना बेटा.

बूढ़े अम्मा बाबा से भी
मिलने को तुम आना बेटा.

पोता कितना बड़ा हुआ है
फोटो तो भिजवाना बेटा.

बच्चे तेरे इंग्लिश बोलें
हिन्दी भी सिखलाना बेटा.

कुछ सालों में तुम बच्चों को
यही मेल भिजवाना बेटा.

-समीर लाल ’समीर’

Apr 19, 2009

वाह देवेश जी!!

तुम खट्टी होगी...
पर सच्ची होगी...
अभी छौंक रही होगी हरी चिरी मिर्चें...
खट्टे करौंदों के साथ...
या कच्ची आमी के...
या नींबू के...
या ना भी शायद...

नाप रही होगी अपना कंधा...
बाबू जी के कंधे से...
या भाई से...
और एड़ियों के बल खड़ी तुम्हारी बेईमानी
बड़ा रही होगी तुम्हारे पिता की चिंता...

तुम भी बतियाती होगी छत पर चढ़ चढ़
अपने किसी प्यारे से...
और रात में कर लेती होगी फोन साइलेंट...
कि मैसेज की कोई आवाज पता न चल जाए किसी को...
तुम्हें भी है ना...
ना सोने की आदत...
मेरी तरह...
या शायद तुम सोती होगी छककर... बिना मुश्किल के...
जब आना...
मुझे भी सुलाना...

गणित से डरती होगी ना तुम...
जैसे मैं अंग्रेजी से...
या नहीं भी शायद...
तुम लड़ती होगी अपनी मम्मी से...
पापा-भैया से भी,कभी कभी...
मेरी तरह...
पर तुम्हें आता होगा मनाना...
मुझे नहीं आता...
जब आना...

तुम खट्टी होगी...
चोरी से फ्रिज से निकालकर
मीठा खाने में तुम्हें भी मजा आता होगा ना
तुम भी बिस्किट को पानी में डुबोकर खाती होगी...
जैसे मैं...
या शायद तुम्हें आता होगा सलीका खाने का...
मुझे भी सिखाना...
जब आना...

देवेश वशिष्ठ 'खबरी'

Apr 1, 2009

engeneering dude!!!

ना back की परवाह , ना subjects सारे clear हैं
यारों हम engineer हैं

ना job की tension ,ना future का कोई fear हैं
यारों हम engineer हैं

हाथ में किताबों की जगह , table पर beer हैं
यारों हम engineer हैं

c++,java नहीं chating अपना career हैं
यारों हम engineer हैं

late nite studies नहीं ,late night premier हैं
यारों हम engineer हैं

यहाँ कोई einstein नहीं,यहाँ पर सब shakespeer हैं
यारों हम engineer हैं

हम रहे भले चंगे ,चाहे देश की हालत severe हैं
यारों हम engineer हैं

Feb 16, 2009

उड़न तश्तरी से ....

प्रेम दिवस का भूत देखिये, सबका मन भँवरा बोराय
हम बैठे हैं पांव पसारे, दोनों घुटनन रहे पिराये.

हम तो ठहरे बुढ पुरनिया, घर में भांग रहे घुटवाय
दूध जलेबी छान के दिन में, हुए टनाटन हम तो भाय.

सबकी बीबी फेयर लवली, माँग रही है खूब इठलाय
हमरी बीबी बाम रगड़ती, कहती है कि मर गये हाय.

नये लोग हैं नया गीत है, इलु पर दये कमर मटकाय,
हम तो बैठे तिलक लगा कर, आरत राम लला की गाय.

देखो उनकी कैसी मस्ती, पिकनिक पर खण्डाला जाय
बीबी हमरी धड़कन सुनके, ब्लड प्रेशर की दवा खिलाय.