Dec 28, 2010

What if they start charging money for Twitter

I was watching the to the video of Mr Guy Kawasaki on internet.He is a venture capitalist and ex-employee of apple computers.

==>>You can see that video here<<==

In the last part of his talk he answered a question about twitter.And he projected a idea for making payment for tweets.

Do you agree:
My straight answer would be NO!!. I think charging for tweets is very bad idea.Its a great idea to make quick money.But somewhat similar to kill your hen who is giving you one golden egg every day.

Lets say :
Lets say we implemented his idea of charging for tweets.Say $1 per 1000,000.Practically its nothing if you are making 1 tweet hour then you can approximately tweet for almost 114 years.Truly WORTHLESS!!

The golden egg:
According to the statistics there are more then 75 million users of twitter .$75 M straight in your hand if you apply this.Whooa or Eureka thing!!!

Side effects:
Now lets examine the negative points of this decision.

  • Dislike Idea
  • First of all there are people who don't like the idea and left you so twitter started loosing its base.
  • Competition
  • Now there are many websites who are still offering this service for free and suddenly one become popular because it has a advantage of cost.Now there are many companies who are attracting crowd your monopoly is over.
  • Free Thing
  • There is a physiological thing is attached with the term "FREE".I don't know what it is but every one like free stuff and most of us don't want to pay for anything.So this physiology drive me away from twitter.
Whats next:
The power of twitter is 75M users.And in this new scenario there are much less users so people who are existing user may start switching(because $1 is worthless anyway)

New generation:
Most important thing the new generation never going to pay for this.They don't know how important it is.And this is sure that twitter is no more attracting new people.

At first sight it may generate a lot of capital but on in whole charging for tweets is really bad idea.No matter how small amount is but free stuff is free stuff!!.

Dec 27, 2010

i don't know why you are here

I am free these days really don't know what to do.Just playing Gualm Ali "hungama hai kyo barpa".After been to some blog post of our great IIMA-ian ,being the part of such a wonderful institute they have really good ability to write.Some blog post are really interesting